TGEDragonTVĀ YouTube/tgedragontv episode2.

TGE, Clecquot the Naga Nesut Bity and the Legendary Kaba Hiawatha discuss the latest installment of the Film series “HIDDEN COLORS”. Not only did we talk with Kaba but we asked the crowd how they felt about the film. Another informative documentary aimed at educating our people. Hidden Colors 3 NYC Film premier.

TGEDragonTV, A Dragon is one who has been Elected by his elder Clan Mothers to maintain the Traditions of the Clan. He is the keeper of the Flame, he possesses all the wisdom and history of the clan. He is a spiritual leader recorded in history as the griot. Even to this day when an MC spits a “HOT” verse, we say he is “SPITTING FIRE”. When you smoke, we often call it CHIEFING…. A dragon is a Chief, but not one self elected. Their are many false Dragons misleading the people weather it be intentional or not, it’s time to Burn down the house they built and return to our Ancient ways. TGEDragonTV