But so called African Americans dont trust him. Simply because he is not dark complected with typical African features. But The PHIL VALENTINE LECTURE WILL BE PACKED. No one will question the accuracy of Phil Valentines information based on his phenotype

Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Mystical Wisdom-Keeper


HAKIM’ (for short), was a wisdom-keeper of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, and was born and lived in the village beneath the Giza Plateau; he grew up with the great pyramids of Giza as his playground. He was a Khemitian, or Khemite – a man from Khem (Egypt), which means the ‘black land’. This didn’t mean that the people were black, or that they had anything to do with dark, or black practices – it meant quite simply that the land – the earth itself – was black, because the soil was enriched and fertile from the annual flooding of the river Nile.

Hakim could be described as a wise elder: a man who had not only been born into a family where knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, but had travelled afar and studied engineering and archaeology. While speaking and teaching to his many students, his heavy accented English was regularly broken with a broad grin and a knowing chuckle. Sadly missed by all, he passed into the spirit world in 2008, as an octogenarian. His daughter, Shahrzad Awyan, has taken up her father’s work with his blessing.

I came across Hakim while searching for answers. My own journey towards finding the mystery and knowledge of Egypt started in 1998, and I arrived in Cairo for the first time in 2010, twelve years later. I now understand why it took me twelve years. Hakim spoke with that certain confidence which I found I could naturally trust. So much has been said about Egypt, by so many, it was hard to plough through it all, and easy to get confused. Myths, legends, scientific so-called facts, opinions, speculations, imaginings and lies, all made the work of finding the answer to my own quest’s questions long and frustrating – although I have found it fascinating. I have certainly made up for the short-fall of my knowledge in history.

Finally, I came across a documentary serialised on You Tube called ‘The Pyramid Code’ (see video at the bottom of this article). It is not a new film, but it is more contemporary than others that glossed over the same old standard ideas. Hakim was a guest speaker in this excellent expansive and comprehensive study of Egypt’s monuments and their purpose. Innovative ideas, backed by real scientific research, and some lateral thinking instead of the focal viewpoint, brought a new light to Egypt’s astounding technically advanced and enlightened past.

Here, for posterity, in grateful memory to a great and humble man, I give you my transcribed notes of Hakim’s words from that documentary. (May he smile from his place of knowing!)

Apologies for any mis-heard words; my words are in (..) and missing words are in [..] Read and imagine his accent and sometimes broken English.

The Egyptians call the area which contains 22 pyramids, running from north to south and parallel to the river Nile, the ‘Band of Peace’. Hakim, whose native language is the ancient ‘Souf’


“In 1936, 1937, the Sphinx was covered up to the neck in sand; my playground – there were tunnels I used to walk, crawl in, in water. At Abu Gareb we have a [..] altar, a symbol of ‘four’ and ‘hotep’ (peace and food); around it, a shaft, about 180 feet deep to the level of the ocean and there is still running water in there and you can feel it in the area. These instruments (huge quartz crystal bowls), nine of them, were found in the area, not as you see them now (moved and put together by the E. M. of C. and A.) and there are still more to be found. And then we have the oldest obelisk in Egypt, next to the altar – what’s left of the obelisk – in ‘souf’ hieroglyphics, and the disc of the Sun, and words saying the [..] of the Sun: ‘ibra’.

Saqqara – the ‘Step Pyramid’ of Zoser is 2,900 B.C. – say the books! Pyramid, in a courtyard, much older than pyramid itself. You can compare it yourself – if you look at the pyramid and look at the wall (of the courtyard) you can see the difference. The Sun will reflect on this crystal tile (which is lying on the ground now) – this is what’s left of it – it is quarried by the natives in the area from the C17th. Now I’m pointing to the ‘gyptera’, which is a symbol of the ancient god – Osiris. A ‘gypt’ is the word we still use to address older people, like grandmother, grandfather – ‘gypt’. (This is used as decoration around the top of the wall.) …to go back to the story of Osiris and his brother Set(h) – the bad guy! – who put Osiris in a coffin and throw him on the ocean, and the ocean take him to the place Phoenicia – Lebanon today – and there, is the cedar tree, grows, and the roots of the cedar tree captured his coffin, later to be found by his beloved sister Isis. She cry until she touch his body and they live together again for a short while – short enough to make a baby, by name, Horus.

(Still in Saqqara) I will take you now to the ‘hospital’ – healing with sound – you see now – that line of construction – like three chambers – it’s what’s left of the House of Spirit, and it’s a healing system with the sound; it’s a medical investigation table and the patient has the right to use any of the stairs, one on the right and one on the left, so he or she has to use his or her own ‘antenna’…to climb up there and  choose the point where she stand because each point is connected to a deep chamber – we have 22 of them, 11 each side, no ceiling – and when you go inside you see a niche where the physician put his head in the niche to see what is the matter with his patient laying on this table; and that works with sound, and the source is running water in a tunnel underneath here – there is a big map of tunnels running underneath here.

Dashur. We call these constructions, in that area at Dashur, related to King called Seneferu (Snefru). Now, when you come to the word seneferu – sen means ‘double’, nefer means ‘harmony’, so it means ‘double harmony’. It’s not the name of a person – it is the energy we get from this construction! The ‘Bent ‘ Pyramid  – it has two chambers for two different sounds. Meidun – today when you walk around Maidun pyramid you will find out that on the ground is a coat of black-colour flint, and the evidence of this, when you pick up one of these flints you see it’s black on the top and the bottom is a different colour. And there is a catastrophe happened over there – I want you to look at the ground – you can see a coat of smoke (soot, carbon) (has) affected the flints on the ground. Herodotus! It is a fake story! I want you to research – to wake up! – to work the senses and look carefully at what you are looking at! What you have seen of the pyramids is what is left of it! It’s been abused – to quarry stones – anybody can go and pick up stones to build church, mosque, house, palace. It’s not been taken good care of by our Minister of Culture and Antiquities Department. I have to say this”.

Part 2

“Why collective scholar all learn to say that the Egyptians have put a piece of rope around the block of stone, at least a 60 tonnes weight, and pull and push by animals on wooden blocks – this is what scholars say. There was no slavery – all workers are.. willingly, pyramids built – this is a qualified people, of architecture, engineer, and they did (this) with all power, like cutting stones, transfer it and use it, and that is clear, and not only the pyramids and the temple walls and many places – you can see that clearly. Pyramids were built not as a tomb – there are some pyramids (of a) different selection, like Saqqara Step Pyramid – that is a tomb.

I want to say about locations, temple – you have to have symbols appear on the ground. When it is seen, then this is the place people naturally will come to get more healthy energy from that spot – or energy perhaps from the Earth. Granite isn’t a dead stone – it is alive. We find similarities in three different constructions – 1, Giza Valley Temple; 2, Abydos and 3, abroad in England, Stonehenge – same material being constructed with, same way and same technique, but the construction there (Stonehenge) is built, in addition, is to have water, because it’s (the) water-bed – it’s huge water-bed – and it’s still working, still producing water.

Tesler – who teach – you call it – Tesler, to get that power or electricity. He didn’t invent it – it’s already there! But he know how to use it – but not only that – he didn’t take any advantage – not like Mr Edison. They become rich and put light into the houses. And so Nicholas Tesler – he’s the one who think of how to use this energy (for free). And it is not the only energy on our planet: there are plenty: the rivers are flow by energy; tsunami is energy; frequencies are energy. If we have the electricity now, it is based on explosion energy. Now the sound energy based on the technology, it is different from the explosion energy – it is known as implosion energy. Our energy all over the planet today is based on explosion energy – that’s why petrol is expensive (haha!). Implosion energy is very simple – all what you need is the beam of the Sun on running water; not just running in a straight line but in a zigzag, that is why you will find all the tunnels are in a zigzag form for such a purpose.

As a boy, when I am living in my house, which is a few hundred yards away from the nose of what we call the Sphinx, [..]… er… this was my playing yard and I know – I walked in these tunnels, I swim in the tunnels, I crawled in these tunnels and I know this is one way of creating energy. Now this costs nothing and all what you need is a beam of the Sun reaching the running water under this tunnel and you can see there are many openings to each tunnel to permit this sunbeam to reach the water and the [..] the energy is there. The energy is not just for to run your car on…it’s to run the people – feed the people!

If you come to the Egyptian Museum there is an item there known as the ‘Shist Disc’, found by Dr Walter Henry, and he think, and he say, it could be vase for lotus flower – No!. They have to cut the stone – this by sonic cut with no metal instruments like a bronze chisel, or…no…it’s another stone, which is a hard stone, that you can find – it is a ‘die’. In Egypt there are 67 constructions all along the Nile like [..] and for those who have the eye, they can tell from the shape of the construction – the straight form of angles that this pyramid or construction, (is) for energy – the plant for energy – that’s what you have. The pyramids were built to generate: a generator to broadcast a field that uplifted ALL humanity, to stop them falling into barbarism, which they did when the grid got damaged, decommissioned.

The keepers of that knowledge were lost. The light went out. The later builders built for the ego of the king. It’s not fair; not fair to deny what you can see and touch with your own hand. This is the only technique – and we have that technique still – but nobody wants to LISTEN!”

(Hakim laughs, but it is of frustration at the stupidity of all those people who still ignore what he has known all his life.)


“We had no word for death; in our country , no word ‘death’ to express this operation (points downwards and laughs); we – ‘westing’ – and you know, going towards the west; like the Sun rise from the east, and ‘westing’; no word ‘death’. So if you believe in resurrection and the Sun sets in the west, the resurrection happens next day when the Sun rise – the next day – so the gypts believe it is just like the Sun!

The ancient life system in Egypt, the Khemetian tradition being passed down through the mother – mother is the teacher, not the father like in patriarchy system – this is matriarchy; she is the goddess, she is everything – and how! And in the museum you have the statues and you notice the woman put her arm around the man – so – and that shows they are equal ? No! – the woman have the upper hand. When she put the arm round the man’s shoulder, she is saying “This is mine!” You see also the sculptor in the old days put ceremonial (woman’s) wig on a man’s head when he promoted a mortal woman more than a man (man wearing a woman’s wig denotes high status). Only man with wisdom who wear women wig – so these are scribes, physicians, and the rest of it… The snake is the male, the vulture is female. Vultures can fly, snakes can’t fly but both have same glands system – life of glands. When you see a boy or man (in art) you see a kind of button on his head(dress). That is not a button or not a white crown symbolising operations as my wise friends and scholars say. No – this is gland in the human body known as the thymus, situated behind the lungs. [Third?] gland is another – the womb, placenta; the thymus and womb are connected for the cycle of life. When you see the double crown, the red crown is the womb, placenta; the white crown is the thymus – has its influence on the womb – that’s the symbol of the glands.

The blue lotus is a symbol of life and this plant, blossom, flower, it grows in the water like water lilies – it’s where the ancient clinicians believe that life starts in the water and in that [closest?] form.

If I come today and say “I saw you in my dream”, you can ask “What did you see?” then I say the dream; and did I saw you? The word ‘see’ is not there, because I did see you in my dream but not with my eyes because I was asleep! So, how did that happen? There must be a ‘sense’ (that) put all this vision to me, but without my eyes; but still when I speak, (there are)limits to my vocabularies to say “I saw you in my dream.” No, I didn’t see you, but there’s no other way to say (it)! Sensitivity. You can tell that bird on the tree is happy, or frightened from a cat – yes? You can tell if that donkey is annoyed or happy by the vibration of sound – and that’s what we want to do – notice the sound; it’s not a word you say, but how you say it; you can tell if this vibration (is) the truth or not truth. It is natural, healthy; the people they use all the senses full capacity.

And when you see the scarab, you are looking at the human skull, that by three sides, 3 sections. The front head (was) symbolised by the ancient people as ‘7’. Seven openers – 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – that is the front (of the ) head and these are the receivers. You see with, you hear with, taste with – you know, everything. On the left side (of the body of the beetle) is the conscious side, and that is the daily deeds, digestive, every…er… moment you look at things; but the other side, the subconsciousness side – something you are unable to explain what’s going on. Don’t compare the people of today like the people of the ancient days. The people of the ancient days were healthy, were able to use their senses. We are looking at things as a feeble people – we only have five senses. We are supposed to have 360 senses – 360! And only five are recognised. We got the glands and senses but we didn’t use it – and any muscles you don’t use – it shrink! Obviously”.


“There were no schools or universities like what we have today; we’ve been influenced by this system of teaching. Today we think it was primitive life of little or no education – “they haven’t been to school: how can they build pyramid? They don’t know figures: how can they do this?” but we don’t know the senses we have (to) make the impossible possible! The impossible  – to us, which based on ignorance – make it possible, ‘cause knowing this very great power is to know!

That switch from matriarchy to patriarchy, I think it’s the cause of what’s on the world now, of conflicts and disagreement and showing-off of power – yeh? I say many times that healthy people, they got all the power; unhealthy people haven’t got it and I want you and all my friends and all my beloveds to know that you have it – and when you know that, you’ll work on it to bring it to stronger. As I said before – the senses, just like the muscles, you don’t use, they shrink and go”.

Part 5:

“(Our planet) it’s not anymore on the same spot: our planet is moving but you can’t see it – it’s not in the same position and it changes all the time; nothing stand still. You know our planet make a cycle every 24 hours, sunrise every 24 hours – right? Our planet also revolve in a different way – it make one round every 26,000 years.

WAKE UP! We have it…we got it…just KNOW we have it…and it WORKS!”

Written by W Salter from Hakim’s own words in the documentary ‘The Pyramid Code’


Directed and introduced by Carmen Boulter PhD

Narrated by Sally Jennings

Guest speakers featured:

Abdul Hakim Awyan (dec.), Robert Bauval, Carmen Boulter, Thomas Brophy, John Burke, Walter Cruttenden, John Dering, Nicole Douek, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Laird Scranton, Claude Swanson, John Anthony West.

Places featured:

Egypt, Alexandria, Egyptian National Museum, Nazlet el Samman, Abu Rowash, Giza, Abu Garab, Abu Sir, Saqqara, Dashur, Meidun, Abu Simbel, Karnak, Luxor, Medinet Habu, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Temple of Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Horus, Edfu, Temple of Khum, Esna, Temple of Isis, Isle of Philae, Temple of Khnum, Elephantine Island, Temple of Seti, Abydos, Temple of Amada, Lake Nasser, Temple, Wadi El Saboua, Temple Sobek, Kom Ombo, Aswan, El Karga Oasis, El Bagawat, Qasr El Labeka, Napta Playa.

The Documentary Synopsis

Part 1 – The Band of Peace

The date of the building of the pyramids is questionable: the standard age given is approximately 2,500 BC.

There are 22 pyramids running N to S, parallel to the Nile, which has migrated more than 8km further away to the east, in this area known as the ‘Band of Peace’.

It is interesting to note that one can see each site from the one next to it. The positioning of these monuments is mirrored in the star positions.

Abu Rowash: here is an open pyramid inside a mountain, largely ignored by tourism, showing tooling marks and evidence of burning.

Giza: there has been at least 3,000 years of civilisation at this site. The pyramids are not tombs, evident from the fact that they have no art and no mummies were found inside. The three great pyramids align with the sun-rise and sun-set and there is possibly a yet-to-be-discovered underground pyramid. These great monuments are built of limestone and granite and there are polished quartz floors and red granite pillars from Aswan in the Valley Temple. The Sphinx shows obvious evidence of water erosion from an age in antiquity and was aligned to the constellation Leo when it rose above the horizon.

Abu Garab: there are nine huge, tooled quartz crystal basins here, gathered and moved into one place by the Department of Antiquities. Also, a large circular altar – the only remnant of the important temple that once stood here.

Abu Sir: Initiations of priestesses took place here and there is plain evidence of the old course of the Nile and a causeway for boats.

*Sirius sank below the horizon for 70 days while the sun moved from Sirius to Orion across the Milky Way, mirrored in Heliopolis (Horus) Giza (Osiris) and the Nile (Isis). These 6 pyramids relate to Pleiades. The King would have moved from site to site to perform rituals.

Saqqara: here there are quartz crystal mines nearby. The courtyard is older than the pyramid, in this case a tomb. The temples and chambers around the courtyard were used for sound healing, using underground water cavities.

Dashur (Red Pyramid, ‘Bent’ Pyramid and the ‘Unfinished’ Pyramid) These three pyramids each have three chambers, all used for sound healing (harmonic resonance chambers)…and  ‘Snefru’ was not a man – ‘seneferu’ means ‘double harmony’.

Maidun and Giza both show evidence of an explosion, with huge cracks and chemical burns.

There is still so much to study, but is Egypt’s  Ministry of Culture erasing evidence in its ‘restoration’ work?

It is evident now that Herodotus, the Greek historian, made wrong statements. We need to understand it all from the minds of the time, not through our limitations. Egypt has a different time frame to accepted history.

Part 2 – High Level Technology.

Giza is a World Heritage Site, but the Ministry of Culture has built a 20 mile long and 14 foot high wall around the site – why?

It has 100 armed guards at night and many researchers are now refused permits, and tourists refused the use of cameras.

Strange scientific technologies have been seen in the ancient art – aircraft, light bulbs, the ‘Baghdad Battery’ and machine tooling, high (impossible) technology in construction, astronomic knowledge, a science of natural telemic energy etc give us cause to wonder at the achievements of these ancient people.

Part 3 – Sacred Geometry

Architecture and rituals followed natural cycles of Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars, and the ebb and flood of the Nile. The pyramid texts, hieroglyphs and symbolism in art all have different levels of meaning –  both obvious and occult.

At Napta Playa, Gilf Kabir and El Kargo Oasis, hundreds of km out in the western desert, there is evidence of early advanced civilisation: a fertile valley, an ancient acacia tree, oceanic fossils, now-empty lake basins, cow and bull worship (Cosmic Mother in Age of Taurus?), even an early Roman monastery; rock art (the famous ‘swimmers’), clues of trade with Pharonic kingdoms, the old Nile riverbed (then, 60 km west of its present position) and astronomy – megalithic stones aligned to constellations, depicting the Precession of Equinoxes. There are no roads and it is now just desert. The monoliths at Napta Playa were man-made and even demonstrate the movement of constellations over time. Altars have been found underground showing three time levels of culture.

*The present priests of the Dogon, in Mali, have a similar life-style, symbols and language to the old Egyptian (pre-dynastic)Khemites. The Dogon say that “A mere act of perception can cause the wave-like behaviour of matter to turn into particles.” (Was this how they moved 100 tonnes blocks of stone?)

When and how did the Dogon and Khemites share their knowledge?

Part 4 – The Empowered Human

Humans have peace, prosperity, spirit and knowledge when connected to Nature. The older matriarchal cultures were balanced and harmonic. The patriarchal cultures were ambitious, contentious and aggressive.

Around 5,000 years ago there was equality in Khemit (Kempt/Kemet) with temples to the Divine Mother – Hathor. The initiation into the higher knowledge was not for everyone and kept secret for the elite – priests, priestesses, scholars and initiates. These initiations were tests and trials to raise consciousness in both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine – in harmonic balance – in the purest form, to balance the left and right brain function, which opens to the sacred divine dimensions. (Patriarchy involves history, linear time, dogma, laws, rationality, waking reality and science. Matriarchy involves eternity, cycles of time, rituals, magic, altered states, arts, divination.)

When entering a Temple, the initiate had to know how to leave the lower ego behind, while he connected to the divine cosmic energies. Health in the glands and chakras were paramount.

Their symbols in art all depicted the male and female aspects in ritual. The half-human and half animal figures show their shamanic culture and may have used psychotropic plants. Thus the 360 senses (multi-dimensional) were used. With this super-natural practice, they had immense knowledge and power.

They used the ‘weighing of the heart’ analogy to teach people to live well, but in later times the Amun priesthood broke the law by selling favours to enter ‘heaven’ and people could avoid the ‘weighing of the heart’ (as did the Christian priesthood through the Dark Ages).

Times changed and Akhenaton and Nefertiti brought in a new age of ‘Atonism’, or Sun worship, bringing Amun-Ra centre stage. He was a renegade pharaoh and for twelve years his ideals seemed perfect, but something happened (Nefertiti left the scene) and he turned into a tyrannical dictator. Tutankhamun tried to return to the old Amun ways, but too late. The Atonists went underground.

Hatshepsut, a widowed queen, also broke the rules and became a successful pharaoh for twenty-two years, but had to give up her ‘woman-ness’.

Later still, the Amun Priesthood took tighter and tighter control and banned any reference to Akhenaton, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun or Hatshepsut.

Part 5 – A New Chronology.

In summing up, Carmen Boulter suggests that not only do we need to look at the mysterious past of Ancient Egypt with new eyes – to look beyond what standard historians and archaeologists have brought us to believe – but also to rewrite the accepted chronology of those millennia. It is no longer enough to write off our ancestors as primitive, backward people: we must bring them back into the spot-light and try to retrieve what has been lost and sadly underestimated (intentionally diverted from our knowledge

But so called African Americans dont trust him because he is not dark complected with typical African features his information cant be trusted. But The PHIL VALENTINE LECTURE WILL BE PACKED. No one will question the accuracy of Phil Valentines information based on his phenotype.
This is the man who Young Pharoah is misrepresenting information. He is using this mans work to say the MDU NTR has not been translated. What he showed is that EGYPTOLOGY is a MIS TRANSLATION.