When Eye first began traveling in the NYC conscious circle Eye immediately felt like the square peg in a round hole. Although eye was raised in a very afrocentric family, eye found nothing attractive about the overcompensation of afro-centricity eye was seeing. Now eye grew up in an house with an 8 foot Scarab Beetle on the eastern exterior of the house.
All the kids in the neighborhood thought my family was into voodoo or witch craft. My older cousins were not allowed to pledge allegiance to the flag or cut their afros. My Uncle Noble Justice El-bey was the light man for Sun-Ra’s Arkestra. Sun Ra use to come to the house and build for hours about ancient Egypt, music and outer space. In the early 1990’s eye had an afrocentric athletic line for black women, and eye used kemetic motifs. My line debuted in Macy’s, and eye am on record as the first so African american designer to debut at Macy’s. That was a life time ago, but goes totally against the “They are ashamed of being African claims that afrocentrist make. You see before eye moved to New York eye was the go to guy on Egyptian Culture. Well not anymore and eye am fine with that, in fact it gives me an opportunity to learn. So when people say we are ashamed of our African history and roots eye can show and prove thats false. Thats a generalization that people use to shame us out of honoring our true ancestors. So as you see eye along with my entire family took great pride in Africa and all that land had to offer us in terms of culture and breaking stereotypes. But when eye moved to the city, oh no eye had to fall back. Everyone up here was an expert on Kemet. Every one had Kemetic names, there were multiple Kemetic fashion lines out and it was obvious this was the standard for todays black folk. But what eye did notice was that although the people were masters in African studies they had no knowledge of the indigenous populations right here.Eye first began attending Moorish classes at the NBT in Harlem with Taj Tarik Bey and Sabir Bey. My uncle had been a Moor since the 80’s but eye was too young to understand what he was doing at the time. As eye got more familiar with what they were speaking on it began to ring some bells. Much of what Taj and other Moors were speaking of eye knew. But eye knew it as Lenne Lenape History or the history of Black Indians.

Always a student eye did the knowledge and only told a few people of who eye was and the contributions my family and tribe has made to society. Eye had these conversations with many of our teachers in the community. Eye have even had many builds with Sa Neter, but never did any of them offer to bring me on their platforms. Finally Bro Rich of the UGR gave me a moment and eye was able to share some of this information and to my surprise it was well received. Since the first show eye have received hundreds of encouraging in boxes along with questions. Many have asked why eye have not spoken earlier and all eye can say is, it was not time. Now with the uproar being made by groups like AAAA our message is reaching the masses and our people are truly beginning to wake up. You see acknowledging our greatness in Africa is just the beginning. Now we must stand up and Make Turtle Island Great Again.