This past summer eye had the opportunity to spend some time with Noble Pa. We met a
few years ago and immediately connected. At first it was like two bulls locking up, but what it actually was was two proud descendants of indigenous Tribes sharpening their arrows. We gained a mutual respect for each other based on our knowledge of our respective tribes. We found out we more in common than we thought. At this point eye consider Noble Pa a family member and brother. The time eye spent in New Orleans was educational, spiritual and uplisting. Eye got to see historic sights and we filmed over 4 hours of footage. Noble Pa took me to every important spot in the city as well as the mounds outside of the city. Eye got to meet the Chief Of the Yellow Mardi Gras Indians and many other indigenous family members. Stay tuned for more from Noble Pa and myself as we set out to MAKE TURTLE ISLAND GREAT AGAIN.

Posted by David Peters Montana on Saturday, January 7, 2017