Welankuntewaken! Halito! Osiyo!

I hope everyone is doing wonderful. I came across something that is helpful for family research. On pages 15-16 of this document entitled ‘We Are Still Here! The Tribal Saga of New Jersey’s Nanticoke and Lenape Indians’, it states: “In the 1946 Memorandum Concerning the Characteristics of Larger Mixed-Blood Racial Islands of the Eastern United States and subsequently in the 1948 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute’s section on the Surviving Indian Groups of the Eastern United States, researcher William Gilbert also adds to the previously documented families, the Bumberry, Burke, Burton, Carney or Corney, Carter, Carver, Cormeans, Davis, Dean, Hansely, Hill, Jackson, Kimmey, Layton, Miller, Morgan, Munce, Munsee, Newton, Reed, Rogers, Sammons, Seeney, Thomas, and Walker family names to the list of identified Indian families living in one or more of the interrelated communities. Other related Indian families were present within the three communities and appear in later records.”

Even if the situation is that one finds that their family is not from the north-east of the so called “United States” to therefore correspond to a Lenape origin of their family(which also the “Nanticoke” is a later Lenape group), this still functions as a great source showing some of the surnames of our people that were already documented as surnames corresponding to indigenous Americans (us … and indeed excluding the Caucasians of those surnames) especially as a very significant number of our people are of those surnames and/or have those surnames within their family.