The COVENANT The 2nd Trailer

On October 8th 2018 RickeyFarm Ministries and the Ramapough Culture and Land Foundation signed a covenant to share the land that is the Historic Hinchman-Rickey Farm, est. 1769.  In this 2nd Trailer from the documentation of the intimate Ceremony, W. James “Jamie” Rickey, the 7th generation of the original colonial settling family (Hinchman-Rickey Family), tells of the journey that brought Us there from his perspective This Covenant is a Powerful Counterexample to most of what we see going on today. This historic milestone brings reconciliation to two divergent legacies of the same land. One of settler colonialism and the other of Ramapough Munsee history, both feeling the need to acknowledge each other and to forge this covenant designed to bring healing and recovery to people, community, culture and planet Earth. Your Help is Needed … Together We Rise !!  To Learn More go to TheRecoveryFarm.org  All participants, including the audio/visual techs, have a connection to this project and were honored to be signatories and witnesses to this amazing day in History !!


Science at AMNH Updating the Old New York Diorama

The Museum has added new interpretation to the Old New York diorama in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. Large-scale labels on the glass now add context and highlight misrepresentations of the Lenape, the Native people whose ancestral homeland included New York City. Hear from visual historian Bradley Pecore, Curator Peter Whiteley, and Vice President for Exhibition Lauri Halderman about the importance of adding a modern cultural perspective to a 1939 scene.

Prior to European colonization, the Ramapough Lenape Nation welcomed neighboring peoples from across the region to join them at Akuy Eenda Maawehlaang, their sacred gathering space, at pivotal moments in history in order to reach important political decisions together. Akuy Eenda Maawehlaang means “The Place Where People Gather” in the Munsee language, spoken by Lenape people from present-day Long Island to New Jersey, and beyond. Today, in Mahwah, New Jersey, a Sheraton Hotel stands in the place where people gathered.

When is an Indian Not an Indian? When he is a Negro! THE RED ROAD.

Discover Truth at the Edge of Transparency.

The question we are asked the most is, “How do I find my Tribe”. The answer is, WALK THE RED ROAD. Walking the Red Road is a determined act of living within the Creator’s instructions. Basically, it is living a life of truth, humbleness, respect, friendship, and spiritually. Those on this road are by no means walking a perfect path, but are in search of self-discovery and instructions. The Red Road series is a documentary showing you the path we have taken to reawaken our family and announce our presences to the Local Lenape Tribes that we share a history with. Walking the Red Road. …


The Secret History of New York City, Native Americans, and Slavery

WHEN IS AN INDIAN NOT AN INDIAN? pt1 We Have a Secret. Remastered with bonus material, if you have not seen it please take time to watch the re edit with new bonus material. WHEN IS AN INDIAN NOT AN INDIAN? WHEN HE IS A NEGRO! pt1 WE HAVE A SECRET! 

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Sun Ra Pianist, Poet, Songwriter, Singer (1914–1993)

https://youtu.be/3I46buUxltU Sun Ra was a highly productive jazz musician, composer, poet and bandleader best known for his "cosmic" philosophies on life and music, and for...

H.R.193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017115th Congress (2017-2018)

H.R.193 - American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017115th Congress (2017-2018) | Get alerts BILL Hide Overview icon-hide Sponsor: Rep. Rogers, Mike D. (Introduced 01/03/2017) Committees: House - Foreign Affairs Latest...


The Moors of Delaware: A Look at a Tri-Racial Group (author unknown) An intermingling of races was one of the products which occurred with the early...

Neolin: the Delaware Prophet Who inspired Pontiacs Rebellion (Rogue One)

Neolin: the Delaware Prophet Who inspired Pontiacs Rebellion (Rogue One) https://youtu.be/3FK8tV3fjKE Neolin: the Delaware Prophet Posted on October 29, 2011 by Ojibwa In 1762 the Delaware (Lenni Lenape)...

The Rise of Western Civilization and World Dominance Part 2

https://youtu.be/tMheV3ctRto The Rise of Western Civilization and World Dominance Part 2 Reggie Parkerson Published on Dec 4, 2016 The second episode in a series of videos that...


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The New York museum presents the lifeways and traditions of Native people throughout the hemisphere through an active schedule of exhibitions, family programs, performances, and film screenings.

Highlights The Diker Pavilion of Native Arts and Cultures, daily film screenings, Resource Center and numerous public programs throughout the year

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